First Day of Spring

Well, today was the first day of Spring, it's been a long time coming!!
It didn't disappoint, we have had a lovely blue sky and warmer temps although there was a chilly wee wind blowing.
I got to sit outside in the back garden and watch Dan doing some hard work. 
We have got some gym equipment in the garage but it is so messy in there we can't get to it. 
So, Dan's mission this weekend, whether he chose to accept it or not,  was to clear some space in the garage and clean the mats for the floor.

Well the garage is now tidier and this is him cleaning the mats (I think he might have a sore back tomorrow).

He was using the hose to rinse them off  and all was going well until he went to switch the water on. 
The hose took on a life all of its own.
It snaked around the garden soaking everything in sight. 
I ran away from it and got my back soaked. 

Dan being a heroic sort of bloke grabbed it and got a good soaking for this trouble. 
It was quite funny, even Dan laughed after he had squeezed the water out of his jumper and dried his specs :)

       I have decided to try my hand at knitting once again. I used to to do this many years ago before being married with children and really enjoyed it. 
So this is going to be a scarf hopefully. 

I must remember to put a pic up of it finished. 


Rose said…
Hey, there girl! Good to see a post from you. I sure was smiling while reading about the hose getting away from Dan. Hope all is well in your world.
Lois Evensen said…
Hello! Spring is beautiful here, too. Knitting is always wonderful, isn't it! It's such a sensible thing to do, too. You can't wear a cross word puzzle. ;)

All the best,
Jeanne said…
Welcome to the spring!! Need some shots of that baby!!

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