A Return to Blogging

Remember me?
I used to blog quite regularly here but I haven't been around since April - can you believe it!  
I kept meaning to come back but never completely got around to it.
                   Well I've come back! 

Quite a lot has happened over the months.

This wee chap turned one in April.  He is now walking, or should I say running, around.  He is a wee stoater (a wonderful wee chap!) and we love him to bits.

Laura and Kevin are getting married in December 2015 and we have been out looking at wedding dresses - who knew it would be such fun!

Laura's two sisters are both going to be bridesmaids and they are all going to look stunning on the big day :))
In fact Laura and I will be spending the day in Edinburgh on Saturday looking at dresses, we will probably do a bit of lunch and maybe a wee cocktail or something thrown in there. 
 Sounds like fun eh!!!
I've even been trying on a few hats myself - I never thought I suited a hat but my girls are assuring me that I look fine.  So I think I will be getting one for the big day  :))

My other big news is my youngest daughter, Emma, has gone to Germany to study with university for a year. 
She flew out on Monday.  We will miss her lovely smiling face around here!  

We got up at 4.30am (yes the middle of the night!) to take her to Glasgow airport, we left her there after about an hour as she had friends travelling with her.  It's so sooo hard to say cheerio - or is that just me? :((

Anyway, her flight was delayed by 4 hours and she didn't actually get off the ground until about 1pm, arriving in Berlin at about 4pm.  By the time she found her halls and her room it was around 7pm!!
  A very difficult day for her and she handled in wonderfully - so proud of my wee girl! :)

She has settled in very well and exploring the area and quite enjoying it I think.  

Well, this has taken me two days to write this out, so I'm going to post it and try to get another post out soonish!

Oh by the way Dan and I are off on holiday next week - Portugal here we come!! That should give me something to blog about. :))

Hope you are all well!


Eileen T said…
Lovely to see you back online Ellie. Your grandson is such a handsome little chappie.
Buttons said…
Welcome back Ellie you have an adorable bundle of running cuteness there. Having just gone through a wedding here on the farm for our eldest I know you are going to be busy. Congrats to all.
Germany is a beautiful place I hear and what an opportunity. Life has been good to you all. enjoy Portugal.
Dawn Yucuis said…
So good to see you back Ellie. You have been missed. Weddings are so much fun, I am sure the big day will come quickly for Laura. Your grandson is so cute.
Hi Ellie, welcome back. Wow, your wee fellow is not so wee any more. He looks like a lively wee man. Busy you may have been and it seems it is not going to let up for a while yet, but it's sounds like it is all good, though good byes are not easy.
Enjoy your wedding dress hunting - oh, and your occasional cocktail too. :)

joy said…
Your gorgeous grandson is growing so fast, as they do. How exciting to have a wedding to look forward to. Good luck to Emma. x x x
Sush said…
Hi so glad to see you are back to blogging! I have been remiss myself but am working up the courage to return. I wonder if anyone other than bloggers realize how time consuming this bit of fun is?

Sounds like you are having great joys in your life, your grandson is simply adorable! How precious of an addition and how quickly he's grown!

Welcome back and enjoy all the wedding preps!
Roan said…
Welcome back. He is a doll! Enjoy your trip!
Jeanne said…
Hard to believe that your little grandson is already one, and what a cutie he is. How exciting that your daughter has gone to Germany for her studies. know you must miss her, but what a great chance to go and visit her. So now we will be needing to see some of your wedding photos! welcome back, !!! I too have been rather remiss with my blogging. To much going on with my life, and I am also looking forward to a new little girl in my life. My 44 year old daughter is due very soon to have her baby! Can hardly wait

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