Monday, 29 April 2013

An Update - at last!!!

I just thought I'd nip on quickly for an update.  I am staying with Laura and Keven (and baby Riley of course) for the week.  We are about to go for a nice walk it is a bit breezy out there but the fresh air will be good and hopefully wee Riley will go for a sleep. He is being as good as gold though.

I will update later when I have a bit more time.

Just to say I'm loving all of the baby cuddles I'm getting :))

Hopefully I'll have some more pictures later.

Monday, 22 April 2013

A Few More Pictures

We went to visit Laura, Kevin and Riley at the weekend.  

All four of us went and we stayed overnight. 

It was also the first time that Karen and Emma had met wee Riley and they were very excited.  

I made dinner and took it through so they had a homemade meal (steak pie, Laura's favourite) - 'cause I know how hard it is to get time to cook when you have a newborn. 

I took some (ok that should read lots and lots) of pictures - most of them aren't that great. 
I tend to get a wee bit keen to hit that button whenever he moves, lol.

  Danny took lots too (and his are much better than mine). 
I'll put some of his pictures up later once he has put them on the computer.

So here are a few of mine. 
 Karen with Riley

 Laura and her sisters - I think I have very pretty girls!!

A few of a sleeping Riley - so cute!!!

I'm sorry if this is getting boring!!!!

I am going through next week for a whole week.  It will be just Laura, Riley and me as Kev will be back at work. 

I can't wait!!!! :))

Sunday, 14 April 2013

We Have A Baby!!! :)

I've been missing in action again all week. 
 But I have a VERY VERY good reason for this.  

I became a granny on saturday morning - a whole week early!!!!

Let me tell you I am so thrilled and excited.  It is such a wonderful feeling - I seem to have a permanent smile plastered on my face at the moment :)))

I'm going to put some pictures up before I tell you all about the exciting (and nerve wracking) week we have had. 


Gran (that would be me) and Riley :))

Grandad and Riley

A Lovely Mum and Baby Shot
Isn't my girl lovely?

The Perfect Wee Family

 I think you might agree that Riley is a wee stoater (that's a good Scottish word for best thing since sliced bread, lol).

Ok, after that picture fest (hope you aren't too bored with my showing off :)).

Laura has struggled a wee bit for the last couple of weeks with the usual aches and pains of late stage pregnancy but on tuesday evening she started suffering from very bad kidney pain (she does suffer from a kidney problem but it's not too severe a problem normally).  

Anyway it got so painful she had to pay a visit to the hospital very late on tuesday evening. It was discovered that she had a uti and was given painkillers and antibiotics. 

On the thursday she went to see her obs consultant who decided she was going to be induced on friday, however she went into labout herself on thursday night at around teatime.  

They waited until 4am on friday to go to the hospital. All day friday was a waiting game, receiving and sending texts from Kevin to tell me what stage she was at.  
And after a 35 hour labour I finally got the text I was looking for at 1.45am on Saturday morning. 

Baby Riley born at 1.26am weighing 7lb 1oz.  Mum and baby doing well.

We went visiting yesterday - I could hardly wait to get there, lol.  I'm pleased to report her kidney problem seems to be on the mend and she is looking so good for a girl who is totally exhausted

I'm so proud of her!!!

 We are going again next weekend and taking Karen and Emma with us. They couldn't go as both were working and couldn't get away.

I have to warn you that you may get a wee bit fed up of baby pictures on this blog after a while - I hope not though. :))

Monday, 8 April 2013


 I know - 2 posts in 3 days.  Phew, I don't know what has come over me, lol.

Anyway, I was looking over my pictures from our last walk and came across these.  

Do you ever look at pictures and make up stories in your head - or is that just another wee quirk of mine :))

It is a well known fact (I think!) that I love trees - not in a huggy sort of way - I love the shapes, height and general majesticness (is that a word or have I just made it up!!!) of them.

I thought this one looked as if it might be from 'The Lord of the Rings' with it's knarled trunk!

I this is the picture I was making stories in my head about - I can just imagine this leading to a secret forest with it's windy pathway. A bit like the yellow brick road :))

Another secret forest picture.

And I just added this one because I thought it was so pretty!

Oh well that's time for the daydreaming to stop unfortunately.  I need to get my lunch and get ready for work. 
I'd much rather sit here and daydream though ;)

Have a good day everyone.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Difficult Birds!!!

I have tried a few times (that should read lots of times) to get a good picture of a bird, rabbit, swan - you name it I've tried it. 
 But every time - without fail - they turn their back on me when I am about to hit the click button. 

I do wonder why they do that!!!  
It is if there is a secret code that they pass to each other as soon as they see me. 

 Oh look out there's Ellie with her camera - hide!!!! lol.

I've seen lots of blogs with lovely birdy pictures - all nice and sharp and clear. 
In fact I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't actually smiling for the shots. 

Anyway we were out at the park the other day and there were swans and ducks galore.  
These were the best shots I could manage - still it's better than nothing (I think) !!!

We have had a lovely change in weather recently - we are almost into double figures temperature wise and we have blue sky and sun.  

It does make a lovely change and long may it last - that's what I say.

On Tuesday afternoon after I finished work, Karen Emma and I caught a train into Glasgow.  We met up with Laura and did a bit of shopping - well the girls did a bit of shopping, I just sort of wandered around after them.  
There is a new shop opened in Glasgow called 'Forever 21' - the girls just love that shop.  
It is three stories high filled with lots of clothes - they were in their element :)))

After they finished buying the shop up we met Danny after he finished work and went for dinner.  
I have to say it was a very enjoyable way to spend and afternoon and evening.  

And to top it all of I didn't have to cook or wash up.  Bliss :)))