Here I am with another set of holiday pics. 

 We were our way to Vermont, Stowe to be exact.  

Since this holiday was to be for our silver wedding anniversary I decided I wanted to be in Stowe for the day. 
I scoured the internet for a nice hotel, and I certainly got one.  
We stayed at the Green Mountain Inn - we loved it :))

Before we arrived there we had a bit of driving to do.  So off we went and we passed through some beautiful and stunning scenery! 

 Lots of hills, mountains and trees.

Stowe is a lovely town and since it was 'out of season' it was quite quiet too. 
The weather had turned decidedly chilly and was glad of my new jacket and gloves, let me tell you. In fact we were eating our breakfast on our first day there and it was actually snowing - just a wee bit and it didn't lie, but it was definately snowing :))

Here is out hotel. It even had rocking chairs on the front verandah.

Since it was halloween they even had decorations out.

We took a stroll around the town.
The town church.

Shop front complete with halloween decorations!

It even had a covered pedestrian bridge!

Everywhere you look - beautiful scenery!!

We went to visit Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory and took the tour, which was very interesting and not only that we got a free ice-cream too which was really yummy.  I think it was called the Americone Dream, we don't get that flavour here which is a shame. 

There is a graveyard for all of the flavours that have been discontinued!!

It has to be said we really enjoyed our time in Stowe, and the hotel is to be recommended. The room was really special and the staff were wonderful and so friendly.

The day we left Stowe it was raining and the weather had really turned quite dreich (wet, rainy and miserable).

On our travels we knew we would be passing some covered bridges and were keen to get some pics.  We did get the pics but the rain put a bit of a dampener on the day (please excuse the pun).

We also stopped by this beautiful spot. It was so peaceful and pretty.  My pictures don't show it as it was quite murky and rainy, but the clouds were hanging over the hills. 
It was worth getting wet to get the shots though :))

This shot was taken through the front window of the car - just look how big that sky looks!!!

And to finish this post off - I just had to put this shot up to give you a laugh.  
As it was our anniversary we had some champagne and strawberries, I know we like to spoil ourselves, lol. 
Anyway we wanted to take some selfie pics.  
Everytime I look at this picture it makes me smile, we had such a laugh taking them.  
My problem is when I smile my eyes seem to disappear so Danny had said try to smile with your eyes open so that will explain the strange look on my face, he he.

I hope it makes you smile too :)) 

Next - on to Niagara Falls ...


TexWisGirl said…
a very cute photo at the end. :) ben and jerry's is a great (and expensive) ice cream! :) looks like a pretty town.
Karen said…
I was in Stowe many years ago, it is a pretty little place! You got some good shots for your memory book!
Sandra said…
So you're still travelling, in memory, around the US of A! You had such a marvellous time! I just love that last shot of you and Danny! I smile with my eyes closed too! Hihi!
Have a great weekend.
Are you preparing Christmas yet?
Lisa Gordon said…
What a beautiful couple you are, and what an amazing adventure you're having!
What a wonderful trip of a life time Ellie and I'm so pleased that you made contact again. Congratulations on becoming a gran too :)
Rose said…
Don't you love taking off and seeing the road stretched out before you? I have really enjoyed all your photos. I love the one of you and Danny...I think it is right nice.
Debbie said…
WoW ellie, so much to comment on i don't know where to start!!

love, love, love covered bridges, they are one of my favorite finds and i rarely find them!

the icean spot is awesome and the graveyard is genius!!

love that last picture of you two. you should print and frame it as it ia one of the best i have seen of you guys!!
Belated congratulations on your wedding anniversary.
Have a great Christmas and we wish you all the very best for 2014. Diane
Jeanne said…
What a wonderful thing to do for your silver anniversary! You and Danny make such a cute couple, and your selfie is so great. Stowe looks like a beautiful place, and glad you had a great place to stay. Looks as if your internet shopping paid off! also Ellie, hope that you will have an awesome Christmas. Coming soon!
Weekend-Windup said…
Good time spend during your anniversary!!
Jeanne said…
Dear Ellie! Thank you for stopping by and saying hello, and know you must be looking forward to spending your holiday with your daughter and little wee one. Bet he is growing so much. I have loved Stowwe, by the way, but still looking forward to Niagara falls.... After Christmas. don't leave us hanging here, but do have a marvelous Christmas! And also don't forget some shots of that little guy. Blessings to you and your family

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