I'm Here

Here I am sneeking in to my blog. 
 I've been missing for a few weeks!!!  
I seem to have run out of things to talk (write) about.  
Danny and I had a wee discussion about it the other day and I said I didn't feel I had anything worth writing about.  Dan said what did you write about before and I realised it was just everyday stuff . So here I am again about to write some more everyday (boring!!!) stuff :)

What's been happening over the last few weeks?  

Well, our Laura has been through a few times with wee Riley. You know he is is almost 18 weeks old now!!!  Where does the time go? 
He is getting so big now and best of all he chuckles and giggles - it is so lovely to hear :))

He can also get his toes right up to his mouth!!!

What else have I got to say?
Well our Karen is over in Germany at the moment with her university.  I think she is a wee bit homesick and we are missing her.  Her two week are up on Sunday when she will be coming home. Oh and she also passed her third year at uni (with a distinction no less!!!)  - very proud of her :))  She will be starting her 4th year next month.
Emma is busy working and enjoying her summer and will return to university in September too. At the moment she is struggling with a cold and feeling just a tad miserable but still smiling through :)

Danny finshed his rocking chair for Laura and also made cushions for it - all by himself.  I will post a picture when we go through to see her again.  But to say I'm impressed is a huge understatement.  I think Danny is very pleased with himself and rightly so!!!

I have decided to try my hand at dressmaking.  So I am working on a new dress for myself - eeeeeek!!! 
 I now have to live up to Danny's standards - not that he made a dress though,  hee hee. 
I used to do a wee bit of dressmaking many years ago and was never brilliant at it but I do fancy having a go again.  I'll be sure to let you now how I get on!

We are also busy planning our special holiday towards the end of the year. I am so excited about it  - New York, Boston and then New England for 2 weeks. I think it will be great!!!!

I'm on holiday for three days this week.  Today I've been to the hairdressers - you just can't beat getting your hair done can you? 
Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be 52 - yikes!!!  And then on Friday Emma and I are going to Glasgow to meet up with Laura and Riley for some retail therapy and a bit of lunch.  

Fun, fun, fun :)))

Anyway I think Ive written enough for today - I've got to leave something for another day don't you think?


Bev said…
What a cutie!!
TexWisGirl said…
happy birthday, ellie!
Sandra said…
I wish I could get my toes in my mouth! Hihi!
Wee Riley is not quite so wee now with those chubby thighs!
Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Good heavens! Only 52! You are a young granny! That's great!
joy said…
Welcome back Ellie, lovely to see little Riley, you must keep on blogging so we can watch him grow.
Hope you have a wonderful birthday, oh to be 52 again.
Joy xx
Jill said…
Happy Birthday, Ellie! I hope you have a wonderful day!
Jeanne said…
Ellie your posts are never boring. so fun to see Riley growing up already! He is just too cute. Guess you could take us on a photo hike if you cant think of anything! Nice to see you! and have a wonderful holiday!
What a lovely chubby bubby. He's a wee cutie.
Yes please, keep blogging and just be yourself. You might not think you are very interesting but we certainly do. And we'll all be waiting to see how your wonderful sounding holiday pans out. Are you going with anyone, or just the 2 of you?

Rose said…
That Riley! So hard to believe he is that old...and he is so cute!

Oh, Ellie it is good to see a post here! I have been sort of struggling myself with my one blog...actually with both of them part of the time.

You know, posts like this one of yours that tell just the everyday things are some of the ones I really look forward to....and that is what I used to do. Keep thinking I need to get back to that.

And what is more, I sometimes use my blog to go back and see when something happened so the day to day stuff is good.

And I need a hair cut...and sure do agree that it feels good to get my hair done. I always feel like a new person.
Buttons said…
Happy Birthday Ellie. Hug B
Kerri Farley said…
So glad you are posting again! I LOVE hearing about your "everyday" things! Your grandbaby is adorable!!
Dianna said…
So nice to hear from you. Sounds like you're having a wonderful summer, and everything's going well with your family.
Hope you enjoy your vacation to the US. The New England area is gorgeous.
You should "slip down" to Virginia and we could meet! ;)
Dawn Yucuis said…
Riley is so cute. He is getting so big. I am glad to see you back. Also hope you had a great birthday!!
It's good to see you again. I always wonder if all is well when I suddenly think that I haven't seen them around for a while! As long as you were just having a blog hop. I love to read you family news and see the pictures of Riley. My, isn't he growing?!
Dressmaking!.....I take my hat off to you! I used to make clothes for our girls when they were little and things like simple skirts for myself but now....? I don't think so!
Happy birthday. I hope you enjoyed your time out in Glasgow
Roan said…
Happy Birthday - belated. 52 sounds so young! I love reading your blog, but haven't been around much lately. I've been writing more, plus I still work full time. It's hard to find time for blog hopping.
Jeanne said…
Good morning Ellie! Haven't seen you for quite awhile and am wondering how you are doing?? Best to you from Texas! Jeanne

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