Tuesday, 8 October 2013

An Update (at last)

I'm still here and alive and kicking.
I've just had a reeeaaally long extended break from blogging.  I'm not sure why and I think I've used all the reasons in past posts to explain it but I'm back.  I perhaps won't post every day like I was doing but I'll do my best.  

 I spotted a rather beautiful sunset while I was driving into town the other evening and I only had my iphone on me (I've never taken a proper picture with my iphone before) so I just stopped the car - in a safe place of course! - and took the picture.  
And you know what my first thought was - I must do a blog post on this.  

So here we are :))

Isn't it a stunning sunset - it's amazing the beauty of the world sometimes!!

Anyway, my iphone.  Danny bought me my iphone a couple of months back - and I really, really love it. It does take wonderful pictures don't you think, very impressive for a phone. I opened an instagram account but don't totally understand it all yet.

We also got a new car (not a brand new car, its a 2004 model) a few weeks ago.  I don't know if you will remember but our old car failed it's yearly MOT test and after numerous attempts by Dan to get it through it still failed. 
So we had to bite the bullet and get a new one. 
And here it is!!!

I love it.  
It's a Saab 93 and a dream to drive. We used to have a Saab a few years ago but I managed to write it off in a crash in the snow (silly me!!!).  
We are very pleased so far with our purchase and I hope it gives a good few years of pleasant driving, fingers crossed. 

If you look really closely at the car pictures you will see our Emma photobombing my pictures. I wonder if you will see her. She is a bit of a silly girl that one but gives us all a good laugh :))

Danny and I will be heading off to the USA in a couple of weeks for our big holiday :))  
It will be our silver wedding anniversary while we are away.  I am so looking forward to our holiday.  A couple of days New York, then Boston and then driving around New England for a week before heading back to New York to catch a flight back to Glasgow. 
I will be sure to do a wee trip report when I come back and I hope to have lots of lovely pictures. 

Anyway, that's me up to date I think, and I apologise for not keeping up with your blogs. 

I hope you are all well and enjoying life.